Oldest Temple in Chiang Mai

Mel and I were told that we “had to see” the oldest temple in Chiang Mai by an Australian couple we’d met. With minimal research, we learned that the oldest temple in Chiang Mai is called Wat Chiang Man. Melanie thought it would be pretty interesting and I am burning out on looking at temples, so I thought the oldest temple would somehow be different from the rest. It was definitely worth the walk.

This temple may be the oldest in Chiang Mai, but to me it seemed like every other temple I’ve seen. I can’t pick out the nuances that separate this temple from others. Maybe seeing so many in a short amount of time has mushed them all together. Whatever, it’s neat to say that I’ve been to the oldest one.

Oldest temple CM buddha

The inside of the main part of temple is gorgeous. Something I hadn’t seen at other temples were here, including a napping monk and a man selling amulets. I took one picture of the inside, which really shows how grandiose their setup is. Even though the temple is small, it’s really, really pretty.

Oldest temple CM inside

Then poof. It’s done. This is definitely not an all day trip. Compared to a few other temples, Wat Chiang Man seems pretty small. Still, it’s nice to see the oldest one.

Oldest temple CM snazzy scarf
“I dress snazzier than anyone you know.”

But somehow, i still had this nagging feeling that i had seen it all before at the last 5 or so temple I had been to. I think I need to take time away from temples and let my brain recover. Too many sights in such little time.


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