The King’s Crematorium


Thailand’s late king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, was loved by every Thai in the country, it seemed. I was told on multiple occasions that everyone felt like the King was their father or was a part of their family. King Bhumibol lived an incredibly interesting life and ruled Thailand for seven decades. To honor his legacy, Thailand mourned for one year and wore dark/neutral colors while they built a massive crematorium for him.


They shut down long stretches of road near the crematorium.

It was a once in a lifetime thing, to see where the King was cremated, but i also wanted to respect the local people. If most people thought of him like a father, I wanted to be as respectful as possible.


There was an insanely huge turnout for it, locals and foreigners alike.

Groups of people went in shifts of a predetermined amount. Still, I felt like it wasn’t exactly my place to be here no matter how many times I was told that it was okay to go.


The picture doesn’t do it justice. There were SO many people here.


I opted not to wait the 2.5 hours to go inside because it felt wrong to me. Instead, we waited 10 minutes to look at it the crematorium from a designated viewing point. We were given a paper badge and were accompanied the viewpoint and were allowed to take pictures as long as they were respectful.

It was incredibly grandiose.

Even though I was apprehensive about going, I’m glad I went because this will never happen again in my lifetime. The crematorium was slated to be removed at the end of November (2017). I’m glad I went, but I’m sad that Thailand had to see their king go.





One thought on “The King’s Crematorium

  1. Sad for the Thai people on the loss of as beloved leader. Wise of you to attend such a once in a lifetime event. Even though it was such a somber one.


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