Stall Food Fiascoes

This blog is a testament to how much I enjoy staying in Thailand and how much I love trying new foods. On my blog, you’ll rarely see food that I complain about. I might have one or two critiques, but I enjoyed it all in one way or another.

However, it feels dishonest.

I’m human. There are times where I eat food and I find it appalling. I feel like I need to share some times when the food I ate was absolutely atrocious.

Case #1: Feeling Empty Inside

stall food not bad

I have a rule that I’d probably eat anything that’s deep-fried. Meet the exception to my rule. I saw a stall with small eggrolls among other fried goodies and I wanted to buy a few. I thought I could pick just the eggrolls – but that wasn’t the case. I had to buy a pre-made mix of everything. No big deal, I thought. I was offered some sauce as well. It was poured over everything in the bag. I didn’t enjoy the eggroll as much as I thought – it was oddly squishy inside and smelled off. I thought one of the fried foods had some filling inside but instead it had nothing. It was literally just a fried shell. Definitely a let down. I was still insanely hungry after eating this and the food I did eat all tasted subpar at best.


Case #2: Chicken Finger Linger

Stall food Nope1

This looked really good when I walked past the stall. It seemed fairly basic, but I just wanted a little hodgepodge for a meal – so this was a welcome addition. I took one bite through the gristly, over-fried chicken and the taste was pretty spicy. It wasn’t the worst thing I had eaten, but the smell physically turned my stomach. It smelled kind of like the onion went bad or was kept out in the sun. I kept eating this for the better part of an hour because the smell would literally turn me off every few minutes. Hours after I ate it, I could still smell the awful scent even though I had thrown the rest of it away. I found out that it was my breath. It took several attempts with a toothbrush to null the smell. Not great.


Case #3: Intestinal Fortitude

Stall food intestine nope

This was downright disgusting. I literally kept smelling something odd. I ate the rice and took a small bite of the chewiest meat I had ever had. I got a bit closer and realized that it legit smelled like a fart. I was/am convinced that this was some sort of intestine. I cannot confirm it, but the scent of shit makes a strong argument for my cause. Honestly, this one I couldn’t get close to finishing. I tried to drown out the smell with one of the sweet-smelling sauces I had been given, but it smelled like someone poured honey on a turd. I had a pretty bad bout of diarrhea after I had eaten this.


I am not the type of person who appreciated these stall’s food, but many people disagree with me The reason I went to these stalls was due to their popularity. I assumed that it had to be good, otherwise no one would eat it. Perhaps, it is an acquired taste.

One that I have yet to grasp.


One thought on “Stall Food Fiascoes

  1. It all sounds disgusting! I would have to say No thanks to the one that smelled like …. That being said, hey, you tried It! That took guts. (Just hope your guts are ok!)


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